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Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultantpublished authorprofessional speakerbloggerpodcaster, and entrepreneur.

He builds upon a deep education in engineering and management with practical experience working with executives and frontline employees in multiple industries. He synthesizes and practices approaches, including Lean management, continuous improvementstatistical methods, and people-centered leadership to cultivate psychological safety and employee engagement.

Mark helps others learn how to improve and sustain performance. In his healthcare work, this means improving the quality of care and patient safety while reducing cost and improving the workplace experience. Across multiple sectors, goals also include improving the customer (or patient) experience, helping develop leaders and employees, and building more robust, adaptive organizations for the long term.

He has learned, practiced, and taught these methodologies in settings including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology startups, working independently since 2010. Mark often works in partnership with other consulting groups on larger engagements. Mark is also a Senior Advisor to the technology and software company KaiNexus and has a small equity stake.

Previous Books

The book is inspired by Mark’s podcast “My Favorite Mistake.”

About the podcast: Our greatest lessons come from our mistakes and failures. Some mistakes end up opening new doors, while some are just learning opportunities that provide a foundation for future growth and success. This podcast is not a cliché job interview question… it’s a real conversation. After listening, we hope listeners will pause and think about mistakes they have made that have shaped and influenced who they are.

We discuss this and how to create an organizational culture where it’s safe to talk about mistakes, in the spirit of continuous improvement, instead of blaming and shaming or beating ourselves up. This podcast will also appeal to those who work with the “Lean” methodology, as you’ll recognize the value of learning from mistakes and encouraging this behavior in the workplace

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